CNS (Central Nervous System)

We have developed an automatic analysis software (PMA software) for CT/MR perfusion images and are aiming to obtain pharmaceutical approval. It will be used to select patients with acute cerebral infarction to be subject to thrombus collection after 6 hours from symptom onset.

One of the basic principles of MRI is “susceptibility.” We are studying quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM), which can be a biomarker facilitating pathological analysis and early diagnosis of various diseases. We are particularly interested in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and have found a significant correlation between susceptibility (based on GSM) and deposition of beta amyloid. Database of healthy adults by age has been prepared and will be made available to open access.

We are studying cerebral blood flow and water dynamics using oxygen-17, a stable isotope of oxygen. An investigator-initiated phase 1 study for O-17 labelled water finished, and clinical study on patients has started. Meanwhile, cerebrovascular permeability and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics are being experimented on animals.

PMA software