Clinical services

We collaborate with doctors of other departments and make every effort to improve the treatment we offer, using various diagnostic imaging and angiography equipment.

CT(Computed Tomography)

CT displays a representation of the cross section of the entire human body using X-rays. Hokkaido University Hospital has a total of three CT scanners: 320-, 128- and 80-row multidetector scanners.


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MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

MRI combines strong magnetic fields and radio waves to get cross sectional images of a human body. Two 1.5 Tesla and three 3 Tesla superconducting scanners are being used for diagnostic imaging at Hokkaido University Hospital.

3 Tesla (3 scanners)

1.5 Tesla (2 scanners)


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IVR(Interventional Radiology)

IVR is a treatment which relies on the use of angiography and radiological image guidance. We collaborate with other clinical departments, from internal medicine to surgery, as well as with various health professionals to provide diagnosis, care and treatment of a wide range of diseases.


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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine utilizing radioisotopes. It is applied in the diagnosis of various diseases in modern medical practice. It is also used to help treat many diseases, such as thyroid dysfunction and cancer.

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